"Helio McFadden" in the Space Opera

FestivALL may be over in the streets of Charleston, but it still lives on here in the PopCult blog.  Today we’re going to revisit “Saint Stephen’s Dream: A Space Opera,” which was staged by WestVirginiaVille.com at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation last weekend.

We bring you a bit of the beginning of Douglas Imbrogno’s magnum opus, and we mix in Austin Susman’s entry in the Silent Film Competition.  The show wraps up with Kentucky chanteuse Sasha Colette, performing in Davis Park, just two days ago.

Sasha Colette in Davis Park

For more on “Saint Stephen’s Dream,” visit WestVirginiaVille and their Saint Stephen’s section. You can keep up with Austin Susman Productions on his Facebook page.  Sasha Colette can be found on the web, and at Haddad Riverfront Park this coming Saturday Afternoon.

Our daily apology goes to Sasha, for misspeling her last name in the credits for the show.

Tomorrow is “Anything Can Happen Day,” which means I haven’t decided what’s going to be in the show yet.


Austin Susman"s "With A Text" projected from the Ratrie Green Space