12006321_830134277101623_1530178706194850191_nTonight The ShockaCon Horror Show travels through time as Evil Lee Harrah hosts a visit to the panel devoted to everyone’s favorite rouge time-traveller from Gallifrey, Dr. Who. There’s nearly an hour of a panel all about Dr. Who featuring Ronn Smith, Rose Winland and more folks, many of whom are involved in Doctor. Who: The Classic Series Regnerated, a fan-made project that will tell new tales of the fourth Doctor. At the end, we bring you a bonus song by ShockaCon 2015 performers, The Renfields.

You can listen to The ShockaCon Horror Show right on this here widget [Click to listen] or at Voices Of Appalachia.

ShockaCon 4 happens September, 18, 19 and 20 at The Beni Kedem Shrine Center on Quarrier Street in Charleston (between The Charleston Civic Center and The Fifth Quarter). This year’s guests include Bai Ling, Ari Lehman (the first “Jason”), plus TV stars from American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and Mountain Monsters. There will also be vendors, musicians, magicians, cosplayers and even burlesque.

Until September 17, every weeknight by 9 PM,  PopCult and at Voices of Appalachia will present The ShockaCon Horror Show, presenting archival material from previous editions of Charleston’s premiere Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. Tomorrow night we bring you comedy and random insanity from the floor of the convention.