The PopCulteer
June 4, 2021

Friday brings two gimmicky new episodes of MIRRORBALL and Sydney’s Big Electric Cat to The AIR. The AIR is PopCult’s sister radio station. You can hear these shows on The AIR website, or just click on the embedded player at the top right column of this blog.

Today’s episodes of our AIR Music Specialty programs are both gimmicks. Sydney’s Big Electric Cat presents 26 New Wave acts, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Having heard Sydney’s show (Mel’s a big fan of Sydney’s), Mel Larch decided to offer up an hour of Disco tunes which all have some numerical connection, either in the song title, artist, or lyrics. Sydney’s show was done first, but Mel’s show airs first, so here’s what you can groove to when you tune in to MIRRORBALL at 2 PM (EDT)…


Eruption “One Way Ticket”
5,000 Volts “I’m On Fire”
The Three Degrees “The Runner”
Biddu Orchestra “Summer of ’42”
First Choice “Armed and Extremely Dangerous”
Andrea True Connection “What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number”
Stars On 45 “If You Could Read My Mind”
Walter Murphy “A Fifth of Beethoven”
Inner Life “I’m Caught Up In a One Night Love Affair”
Undisputed Truth “You + Me = Love”
Skyy “First Time Around”
Village People “Ready For The ’80s”
Jimmy Bo Horne “Spank 1980”

You can hear MIRRORBALL every Friday at 2 PM,  with replays Sunday at 11 PM, Monday at 9 AM, Tuesday at 1 PM and Wednesday at 7 PM, exclusively on The AIR.

At 3 PM, Sydney Fileen graces us with a special mixtape episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat based on what she calls a “silly idea” from Nigle Pye, the host of Psychedelic Shack.  In a two-hour mixtape show, Sydney presents 26 New Wave artists, each one with a name starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Since she didn’t have room to back-announce every song, she has asked me to include the playlist here so you can see who’s playing what…

BEC 073

Animotion “Obsession”
Big Country “In A Big Country”
The Cure “Boys Don’t Cry”
Depeche Mode “People Are People”
Echo and the Bunnymen “In Bluer Skies”
Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Two Tribes”
Gang of Four “He’d Send In The Army”
Heaven 17 “Let’s All Make A Bomb”
INXS “Need You Tonight”
Joe Jackson “Is She Really Going Out With Him”
Kraftwerk “The Model”
Lene Lovich “New Toy”
M “Official Secrets”
New Musik “Dead Fish Don’t Swim Home”
Oingo Boingo “Grey Matter”
Polyrock “Call of the Wild”
Quincy “Critic’s Choice”
Rubber Rodeo “City of God”
Siouxsie and the Banshees “Dazzle (12″ mix)”
Talk Talk “Tomorrow Started”
Ultravox “Astradyne”
Vanity Fair “A Kiss For Every Tear”
Wall of Voodoo “Mexican Radio”
XTC “Melt The Guns”
Yello “I Love You”
The Zeros “Don’t Push Me Around”

Sydney’s Big Electric Cat is produced at Haversham Recording Institute in London, and can be heard every Friday at 3 PM, with replays Monday at 7 AM, Tuesday at 8 PM, Wednesday at Noon and Thursday at 10 AM, exclusively on The AIR.

That’s what’s on The AIR Friday, and that is this week’s PopCulteer. Check back for fresh content every single freakin’ day.