This week we venture back to May, 2015 for an episode of The RFC MINI SHOW that pushed the envelope a bit. While our music was a slice of genuine Appalachian Americana Blues from, the real star of the show was Pepper Fandango and Kitty Killton, who should be familiar to fans of PopCult’s Monday Morning Art.

Recorded the day before Valentine’s Day 2015, this edition of The RFC MINI SHOW may not be safe for work, but it sure is easy on the eyes. performs two songs: One, a cover of “You Can Leave Your Hat On,” the other an original song, “Drink To Your Breasts.”

Joining for these performances are Pepper Fandango and Kitty Killton of Wayward BurlyQ. Pepper dances solo for “Hat,” while the two bring the second song to life with a spirited dance duet. As I said at the time, “These are burlesque performances, so steer clear if you’re easily offended. There is no nudity, but there’s lots of damn-near nudity, so proceed at your own risk.”

This is a fun show, but it reminds me how much I miss Charleston’s currently-dormant burlesque scene. Maybe once this pandemic is over, lovely people will get back to ripping their clothes off to dance in public again.