who watch

A1Ek8FIXTYL._SL1500_We are here tonight to tell the tale of Underground Toys’ Doctor Who Adult Analog Gallifreyan Watch

The perfect gift for the Whovian on your gift list, this Officially Licensed Doctor Who Collectible Watch will make any wearer an instant Timelord. The best part is that this is a subtle collectible watch that looks cool, but doesn’t scream “NERD” to anyone who isn’t a fan of the show. At the moment, this watch can be found for half-off its $80 list price at Amazon.

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Watch is an Adult Analog Watch with a brown strap. Embellished with Gallifreyan markings, this watch comes packaged in a Doctor Who tin. Your giftee may not be a Time Lord like the Doctor, but they can always reset it to whatever time they want it to be and pretend that they’re manipulating the chronal forces.