pudding tote

51iOEMCxXALWe saw this at Toy Fair in New York last February, and Mrs. PopCulteer had to have one. Made by The Coop, this is a thermal lunch bag in the actual size, and with a perfect replica of the graphics, of the giant can of chocolate pudding that Carl found in the “After” episode from season four of The Walking Dead. You may remember him sitting on the roof of a house eating his pudding while a zombie growled and reached at him from a nearby window.

This handy little tote has a PVC material Interior that’s insulated to keep items warm or cold A short top handle makes for easy transport and it has a zippered lid Of course, this is no uni-tasker. This tote can also be used as a purse, a man-purse, a camera case, or a place to store all your Walking Dead Mystery Mini Figures.

It’s the perfect gift for any fan of The Walking Dead who wants a souvinir of the show that doesn’t have bloody zombies all over it. You can find it online at Amazon and The Woodbury Shoppe.  It’ll set you back between twenty and twenty-five bucks.

Mmmm...that's good pudding!

Mmmm…that’s good pudding!