RFC 105 "FestivAll 2010 part four" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

The fourth installment of our FestivAll 2010 coverage includes music from Comparsa, Evan Mack, Melanie Larch, T. J. King and Miss Behavin’. You’ll also see Scott Elkins’ entry in the FestivAll Silent Film competition and a montage of the FestivAll Catfish.

There will be at least two more episodes of Radio Free Charleston devoted to FestivAll 2010 with music from Craig D’Andrea, Option 22, The Velvet Gypsies, Barebones, Actual Rhinocerous, plus more music from Comparsa, Brian Diller and more theater, dance and art from FestivAll.  Look for RFC 106 on Monday.