The PopCulteer
July 2, 2010

FestivAll 2010 was awesome. A city did, indeed, become a work of art. And if you’ve been checking out PopCult, you notice that “work” is the operative word for me.

I got the wild idea to devote three episodes of Radio Free Charleston to FestivAll, and I was going to try and get them all online within a week.

Well, that sort of happened.  I did three shows, and I did manage to get them all posted within seven days.  There was only one problem.

Three shows wasn’t enough.

As I wirte this, the fourth FestivAll-centric episode of Radio Free Charleston is being uploaded.  I have enough material for at least two more shows based on Charleston’s brightest moments. RFC 105 features music from Comparsa, Evan Mack, Melanie Larch, T.J. King and Miss Behavin’, and a silent film by Scott Elkins. If all goes well, it will be online Friday morning, and you will have seen it right above this post.

Editing these shows has taken me away from my other PopCult duties here in the blog, but I think it’s a fair trade-off. I  hope you guys enjoy the fruits of my exhaustion. We should be back to normal next week with posts that have words and everything. Until then, after the jump, you will find some random images from FestivAll 2010.

Full moon over my video for Under The Radar, projected on the side of The Quarrier Diner

Brian Diller on stage at Haddad Riverfront Park

I hadn't seen Brian since 1991, and it was an honor to finally have him on the new version of Radio Free Charleston

Superstar artist Joe Bolyard, spotted at Buswater

More star artists: Bob Rosier and Charly Hamilton at Capitol Clay Arts for the Streetworks Brick project press conference

Steven Allen Adams, RFC's newest crew member, taking a picture of the crowd at Haddad Riverfront Park

Spurgie Hankins Band at LiveMix

Opti-car Illusion at Buswater

Part of Comparsa at Capitol Roasters

The rest of Comparsa at Roasters

Bob Thompson at Haddad Riverfront Park

That’s all for now. Check back for RFC 105 later today!