On July 25, at the High Voltage Music Festival in London, Emerson, Lake and Palmer will reunite for a one-off 40th Anniversary concert.  Emerson and Lake are currently touring America as a two-piece, while Palmer is busy with the reunited ASIA, but for one night the three will come together tocelbrate forty years of the kind of progressive rock music that makes millions of fans happy, and thousands of snooty rock critics want to hang themselves while listening to The Velvet Underground.

In honor of this anniversary and reunion, today PopCult brings you a collection of vintage ELP videos. At the top of this post you seea concert video of ELP performing Aaron Copeland’s “Hoedown.” It’s a safe bet that the band will be performing this in London in a few weeks.

After the jump, you’ll find more ELP goodies from the Prog-rock vault, including a music video for “Pirates” from the ELP album, “Works 1.”  This one’s a fan-made compilation that cuts in concert footage with clips from old pirate movies.

You’ll also see a couple of entire concert performances from the 1970s, and a few music videos from their reunion in the late 90s.

This music is bombastic, pretentious and spectacular.  It’s also some of the coolest stuff to ever blare out of car stereo speakers while you’re speeding. It’s Emerson…Lake…and Palmer!

ELP - Pirates; the official video from Joe Hannigan / Weston Sound on Vimeo.