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cross two 02We have a bunch of new shows starting today on The AIR, plus we have some notable encores and (with any luck) a live broadcast of Matthew Francis Anderson tonight from The Empty Glass. You can tune in at The AIR website, or just give a listen to this swell little embedded radio…

Today at 3 PM our afternoon block of music programming is completed with the premiere of four new half-hour programs.

BEATLES BLASTAt 3 PM it’s time for BEATLES BLAST.  For 30 minutes your loyal PopCulteer brings you music by, related to, and about the greatest rock band in the history of music. Licensing regulations that just went into effect earlier this year prevent us from playing more than a couple of Beatle songs each week, but we are able to bring you songs by the Beatles’ solo careers, along with covers of Beatle songs and in the coming weeks we’ll even bring you songs about the Fab Four.

This week we open with “Hello Goodbye” by the Beatles, and then launch into solo tracks by John, Paul, George and Ringo, and close out the show with Cheap Trick’s version of “Magical Mystery Tour” and the Beatles own version of “Within You, Without You.”

BEATLES BLAST can be heard every Thursday at 3 PM, with replays Friday morning at 8:30 and also other times the following week.

PSYCHEDELIC SHACKAt 3: 30 PM Nigel Pye presents PSYCHEDELIC SHACK, a weekly half-hour devoted to really heavy music, man. With a playlist stocked largely of late-1960s drug-influenced music, Pye will mix in the occasional newer tune, like Tears for Fears’ “Sowing The Seeds of Love.”

The first episode opens with “Incense and Peppermint” by Strawberry Alarm Clock, and the show proceeds with the likes of The Nice, The Turtles, Aphrodite’s Child and more.

You can expand your mind with PSYCHEDELIC SHACK every Thursday at 3:30 PM and Friday morning at 8. Replays will turn up all week long.

SKA MADNESS4 PM sees the debut of SKA MADNESS, presented by Dexter Checkers. Dexter is a long-time devotee of the Ska sound and his program will bring you classics from the three major eras of Ska music, but he’s probably going to lean heavily toward Second Wave Ska from the UK.

This week’s show opens with Madness and continues with The Specials, Bad Manners, The Aquabats, Desmond Dekker, Goldfinger and more. You can listen to SKA MADNESS every Thursday at 4 PM, with replays Friday morning at 7 AM and throughout the following week.

THE PUNK CLUBRounding out our half-hour music specialty shows at 4:30 is The Punk Club, hosted by Humphrey Hubert. Humprhey loves punk music and will bring you a half-hour blast of pure punk goodness each week at 4:30, Thursday, with a replay at 7:30 Friday morning and other plays throughout the following week.

At 5 PM you can hear STUFF TO DO, or you can cheat and listen to it in this blog right now.

Tonight at 7 PM you can hear two hours of DeeJay extraordinaire, Charlie Brown Superstar, as he spins the dance mixes for your aerobic pleasure.

At 9 PM Harrah’s Hard & Heavy replays from last Monday. This is our old friend, Lee Harrah, bringing you the hardest and heaviest music known to humanity.

gig-poster-final-3At 10 PM we’re hoping for a live remote from The Empty Glass, featuring Matthew Francis Anderson. Matthew was born and raised in Chicago. But as a former walleye and musky fishing guide home has also been as far as northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. That’s where Andersen’s EP Blue Line takes you: from the local taverns and street lights, to the boat landings and rivers deep within the northwoods. Matthew Francis Andersen’s writing shows you where this Midwesterner has been. Logging trucks and taxi cabs, game wardens and bar patrons live inside these songs.

Andersen has won American Songwriter Magazine’s 2012 Lyric Contest, and shared the stage with the likes of Steve Forbert, Kevin Gordon, Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart.

Matthew’s EP Blue Line is now available.

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  1. Lynne Sandy

    True to your word, Rudy. Just tuned in, in time to hear “Homosapien” and “I Know What Boys Like.” That would have been a good one to cover. We had no sax player. In Stubby Dill, we did “Tell That Girl to Shut Up,” by Holly & the Italians. Woot! And now Elvis!

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