The PopCulteer
July 30, 2010

Around The World!

There is one weapon in the blogger’s arsenal that I have not yet used here in The PopCulteer, the column composed entirely of links to cool stuff on the net. Well, I haven’t had to resort to this sort of deadline emergency fill-in column until today. See, I’m buried under work on a Halloween surprise, and it’s eaten into my writing time for PopCult this week.

So, here’s a bunch of random links to really, really cool things. Enjoy!

The Return of Famous Monsters Of Filmland!

This seminal nerdgasm magazine, created in 1958 by the late Forrest J. Ackerman, has been revived by Philip Kim, and is back in print and on the web. At the San Diego Comic Con, they announced that Harry Knowles, of Ain’t It Cool News fame, would be coming on board as an editor.

Early fans f the magazine, devoted to horror, fantasy and sci-fi films, included George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante. Now a new generation of filmmakers can find inspiration in the world of cinematic fantasy.

Check out their website for cool articles and even some new “Captain Company” merchandise.

Cool Original Theater On Stage.

I wrote about it here last week, but my review of “Bert Hellmunn Fights The Demons Of The Stage” made it into print in The Gazette yesterday, and you have two more chances to see this fantastic original play by Dan Kehde, tonight and Saturday. You really should see it.  It’s one of the best things I’ve seen on stage.

We All Live In A…..

One of my “Holy Grails” as a collector has been the comic book adaptation of one of the most influential movies in my life, The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.”  After getting sniiped for about the twentieth time last week, I decided to go poking around the web to see if I could find a copy to download while I was waiting to find an affordable hard copy.

The comic book adaptation is notable because it was done before the film was finished, and has major differences in plot and even some character designs that didn’t make it into the finished film.  I had a copy as a kid, but haven’t been able to track it down as an adult.

If you click on the image above, you might just wind up with a copy.

Paging Don Blankenship!

It was pointed out to me that these stickers, which could be applied to your coal-loving neighbor’s cars in the dead of night, are still available.  Might be fun to see what sort of hijinks could ensue if they drive to a big coal-industry-sponsored “Freedom Rally” without knowing that they’ve got this plastered on their truck bumper, right above the truck nuts and next to the sticker of Calvin peeing on the number 24.

Pulp Fiction

Pulpfest, a convention dedicated to Pulp Magazines and the golden age of genre fiction, takes place in Columbus this weekend.  Check their website for details.

It’s an easy drive and you can never get enough tales of wonder and excitement.

From the PR: “Sellers of pulp magazines, digests, vintage paperbacks, and other paper collectibles will find a larger dealers’ room while those members partaking of the evening presentations will be able to enjoy an expanded programming area.”

This could be a fun wekend excursion for those of us not buried under work.

Radio Free Charleston Complete!

Well, so far, anyway.  You can see every episode of The Popculteer’s very-own webshow, devoted to local art, film and music, at our Archives Page on MySpace.  In addition to the first 98 episodes of the show, which can be found in the “Videos” section, you can see the ten most recent shows, in giganitc video players, right on the front page.  That’s 108 episodes of Radio Free Charleston, all in one place.  You can’t miss with that!

With that, we head off into the sunset this week.  next week you can expect all the regular features here in PopCult, and maybe a couple of new things.