It’s time for another PopCult Animation Festival!  This time we’ve embedded a dozen diverse animated shorts from all around the world and from different eras, in one handy-dandy video player.  Just click “play” above, and you’ll be treated to Bruno Bozetto on driving, a Zagreb Studios classic, “Jac Mac and Rad Boy Go,” “Cockaboody,” “The Big Snit,” The Dirdy Birdy,” Nana and Lil’ PussPuss, “Lupo The Butcher,” a tribute to M.C. Escher, one of John K’s Beany and Cecil cartoons, a short by several Ren and Stimpy veterans, and “Quasi At The Quackadero.”

This random collection is our attempt to recreate the vibe of the old PBS series, “International Animation Festival,” from the 1970s.   Go pop a tub of popcorn, sit down in front of your computer and enjoy!

We’ll be bringing you more PopCult Animation Festivals in the future. Keep reading this blog so you don’t miss a thing!