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FestivAll Photo Essay: Art

There was people arting all over the place during FestivAll last week. Not just the visual arts, but also crafts, dancing, mime-ishness, magic and tons of other stuff.  With a minimum of comment, we’re going to present a boatload of images.  To the left, you see Jude Binder, all dolled up, Victorian Kabuki-style.

After the jump we’ll take you under the Allied Artists tent, starting with a closer look at Mandy Petry’s Bagatelle-styled wall hangings.

Check PopCult tomorrow for a HUGE announcement about the Radio Free Charleston Archives! 


The crowd under the tent!

Okay, this one was disappointing.  I wanted to do a Catfish, and I was going to do The Beatles Yellow Submarine.  Word to whomever did this–there were four Beatles, not three, and Ringo was only one of them.  This fish features Ringo, John and Ringo.  No Paul. No George. No Jeremy Hillary Boob Phd.  I’ve got a hole in me enthusiasm.

That’s it for this batch of art photos from FestivAll.  Friday, July 4 check PopCult for a big announcement about Radio Free Charleston!

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  1. Elvis Capone

    there were four Beatles, not three

    Sez you. Maybe you should look stuff up before spouting off. There were at least five Beatles, and the fifth Beatle was ninety-three different people.

    And I’ll thank you not to speak of Hillary’s boob.

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