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Radio Free Charleston Birthday and Archive Project

Two years ago today The Gazz and PopCult relaunched Radio Free Charleston, the web’s most popular videocast featuring music, film and comedy from West Virginia.  The new video incarnation of my old radio show has just reached its 45th episode, and we’re going stronger than ever.  Unfortunately, we’ve been so prolific that we filled up the servers at The Charleston Gazette.  For some reason the higher-ups here seem to think that “news” and “sports” are more important than RFC.  So our first 26 episodes are missing in action.

Until today.  We are proud to announce the launch of the RFC TV Archives, which will re-present our classic episodes, one every Friday, with expanded production notes and updates on the performers who contribute to the show.  You can visit the RFC TV Archive page at MySpace, or just follow this link to where we’ve posted the first show and its accompanying notes. 

In addition, next week, if we can work the bugs out, the RFC TV Archive page will also present audio-only versions of our most current shows, for those of you who want to download the show and listen to it in the car or where ever.  I’ll have more details when that function is up and running.  So, if you’re sitting in front of the computer on this national holiday, surf on over and go all the way back to the year 2006.  You can dig on the great music and funny comedy, or just make fun of the fashions we were wearing so long ago.


  1. Elvis Capone

    I just watched your rerun show over at the MySpace. You didn’t mention the “remastering” and digitsl enhancement. Wow! The Enterprise has never looked so detailed and convincing, and I could actually see where Scotty was missing a finger.

  2. Longtime Listener


    Hey, maybe since these aren’t on the anymore, the newspaper might write about them!

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