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First Batch of Wonderfest Pics!



img_0290Your Popculteer is at WonderFest USA in Louisville and I promnised you photos this weekend. The convention is a blast and we’ve had fun running into old friends and seeing the sights.

And those sights include incredible models built by people from around the world. This photo essay is just a taste of what you can expect.

We will be presenting these without captions and with very little editing and processing since we’re working out of the PopCult mobil office, which is a laptop I got for fifty bucks at a pawn shop.

You can expect more photo essays all week, maybe even later tonight. However, these will be shorter essays with fewer photos. Since the last upgrade of blogging software here at the Gazette-Mail, posts with more than ten or so photos seem not to be welcome.

However, this should give you a quick idea of the fun and talent on display down here. There will definitely be more to come. Next up we’ll take a quick look at the vendors.













  1. Scott Norris

    Was that Godzilla a custom, garage kit, or regular store kit?

  2. Thomas Wheeler

    Love the AT-AT!

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