Img_4147If all goes according to plan, you should have seen a couple of short photo essays from your PopCulteer’s weekend trip to Louisville already. The plan was to head down there to WonderFest, take lots of pictures, shoot some video, meet up with some friends, and then head to our hotel and post some fresh PopCult for you.

If that didn’t happen, I would like to blame sunspots. I’m writing this on Friday afternoon so I don’t have to worry about posting it as soon as I get home.

Anyway, WonderFest USA is a huge gathering of model-builders, special effects wizards and other fine and talented peoples, and this will be our third trip. When we made our first trip, year before last, I cranked out a nifty video to show off the model contest room. That’s it up there. That ought to give you an idea why we keep going back.

Look for more WonderFest coverage over the next few days here in PopCult.