With me buried knee-deep in magazine deadlines and preparations for our big night for Radio Free Charleston on December 8 at the La Belle Theater in South Charleston, it’s time to once again root around TheGazz.com and see what my fellow bloggers have been up to. 

Over at NewSounds, some annoying guy has a review of the new Queen CD and DVD up for your perusal. 

Not in the Gazz, but connected, this article in the Charleston Gazette gives me hope that the quality of my life will improve dramatically next July 1.  Being sick all week because of being around too many smokers is one reason I’m looking forward to checking out The Lighthouse Cafe at the Baptist Temple Friday night.  I’ll get to check out a variety of local musicians without being exposed to toxic fumes. 

Gatecrasher has a rundown of the rock shows in town that I can’t make it to because I’m still paying for the tobacco exposure I suffered last weekend.   You can also find a nifty interview with drummer Daniel Johnson there.  Over at Soundcheck, you can find a new song by Sarah White.

Karin Fuller takes some time to hang out with the cats on the roof over at her blog.  While in the Idiotbox blog, Amy Robinson has been looking at the ramifications of the WGA strike that’s paralyzed Hollywood.

Next week Radio Free Charleston returns with a new episode featuring Doctor Senator and Raymond Wallace, and in PopCult, the Cool Toys make a comeback, just in time for the holidays!