Ghostbusters West Virginia Division is represented by a panel discussion with Adam Ash, Jimmy Pettry and Jack Arkham. The ghostbusting trio discuss why they do what they do, their equipment and more. Later, we see a snippet of the Junior Ghostbuster Training Session, hosted by Kevin Pauley and recorded by Lee Harrah. All of this happened at ShockaCon 2015.

For more information on Ghostbusters West Virginia Division, visit their Facebook page.

PopCult has been presenting video of ShockaCon 2015 for several days now. You can see the Costume Parade HERE and Hurl Brickbats on the RFC MINI SHOW HERE.  Earlier we presented panels from American Horor StoryThe Walking Dead and Ari Lehman, the First Jason. Daniel Boyd presented a Horror Writing workshop, while a “Women In Horror” panel discussion stole the show. Professor Sinister’s Savage Sideshow has also been posted here. There were also three guys talking about science fiction toys. Our previous panels were all about the modern Doctor Who and Horror Punk.