Today we are going to bring you four more last minute bonus entries in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide, and Wednesday we will re-post an updated Master List. With the questionable state of the post office and other shipping companies, to get these in time for Christmas, you should order as soon as possible, and no later than by this Friday.

Our next pick is the perfect gift for the cryptoid-loving person on your gift list who is also filled with Mountaineer pride. Just added to their catalog a few days ago, I’ll let American Science & Surplus explain what it is…

Almost Heaven? Not Even Close.

Introducing Mothman, the mysterious and hairy winged creature purported to appear in West Virginia skies before tragic events occur. He’s described by genuine eyewitnesses as man-sized with glowing red eyes and feathery antennae. Our version is in hard black rubber with red eyes. He stands 5” tall, and would have an 11” wingspan if he could spread his wings, which he can’t. (He’s sort of in pouncing mode, ready to land on you or your unsuspecting lambswool sweater.) Be the only house on your block with a Mothman, and regale your guests with the legend.

If you know someone who would love a cool figure of Mothman, head over to American Science & Surplus and snap this up, quick! It’ll run you eleven bucks, plus shipping.