Today we are going to bring you four more last minute bonus entries in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide, and Wednesday we will re-post an updated Master List. With the questionable state of the post office and other shipping companies, to get these in time for Christmas, you should order as soon as possible, and no later than by this Friday.

Nope Bear Nightmare Corner
by Jacob Fertig
ISBN-13 : 979-8637346110

Our first bonus pick is a fun and delightful storybook by local educator/animator/artist, Jacob Fertig. It’s a great gift for any young child who likes creepy and crawly bedtime stories, but I have a feeling a few adults might get a kick out of it too. Rather that spoil too much, I’ll just drop the PR blurb here…

This book is the story of the creepy Nope Bears that live in closets and under beds preying on fears inside your head. They creep, crawl, lurk and sneak, so hide under your blanket and don’t dare peak! A story of the trust you hold in your little bears heart, when you and your trust should be farther apart. A great read for someone who want a scary little tale, and I promise the story and artwork aren’t stale. So learn about Nope Bears and learn them quick. I promise regardless this creepy story surely will stick!

You can order Nope Bear Nightmare Corner in paperback or on Kindle right now from Amazon, and get it before Christmas.