kiss blood

2015_FTC_KISS_12InchBloodSpitDemonFigures Toy Company has, for the last several years, been releasing twelve inch KISS action figures made in the style of the classic 1970’s twelve inch Mego KISS figures.  The latest entry is the twelve inch KISS Demon (Gene Simmons) with real blood spitting action.

Seriously, you put a blood capsule in, push a button in the back, and the blood comes pouring out of his mouth.

Some parents may find this horrifying.  That makes this the perfect gift for their children.  It’s also perfect for any die-hard KISS fan.

The genuine Blood-Spitting KISS Demon figure is $69.99, plus shipping, from Figures Toy Company. Note that this is a pre-order. This figure is scheduled to arrive in early December, but that is subject to change.