91ThLMIXyRL._SL1500_Ignoring the fact that this really good movie length Regular Show adventure will air on Cartoon Network the day before Thanksgiving, die-hard fans of the show may really appreciate having a hard copy, uninterrupted by commercials, that they can watch over and over again.

This is a time travel adventure that sees Mordecai and Rigby flung into the future and the past in a plot that seems like the bastard child of Back To The Future and The Terminator.  This adventure is epic, even by the standards of a show that regularly features giant immortal flying babies, a David Bowie-esque cosmic herald who drives a flying 1970’s muscle car, the occasional plot to lift giant tracts of land from America and fly them into Russia, and regular appearances from Death himself.

So if you have a Regular Show fan on your gift list, this is a good, inexpensive stocking stuffer.  Appropriate for all ages, but some people might not want younger kids imitating this behavior. Available wehre ever DVDs are sold.