81QGFegUWeL._SL1500_Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a modern comedy classic and for those of us who were around when it was originally released, it’s hard to believe that the film is 40 years old.  But it is and to commemorate that, the Pythons have released a specially remastered 40th Anniversary edition, complete with a commentary track, several bonus features from earlier editions, and a brand new sit down discussion between the five surviving Pythons, moderated by John Oliver.

The gimmick that makes this edition a must have item for Python completists is the replica cardboard castle, as occupied by the French Taunter in the film, which comes equipped with what has been described as a flimsy catapult and an assortment of small rubber barnyard animals which can be used to pelt an imaginary King Arthur and his pals or your friends and family, possibly your pets, and, if you have a very accomodating workplace, your co-workers.

This deluxe set can be had for just under 35 bucks at and can probably be found at the big box retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.  You may be able to order it at a higher price from your locally-owned video store, should such animals still exist anywhere in the wild.  If you are not interested in the cardboard castle and rubber animals, you can purchase the anniversary edition with all its bonus content on DVD or Blu Ray for considerably less.

This gift is appropriate for anyone old enough, or young enough, to enjoy the wit, wisdom, and hilarity of Monty Python.  Be warned that the film does contain minor vulgarity and brief tap dancing.