PITHSome rather confused people have accused your PopCulteer of being some sort of fashion trendsetter. While the reasoning behind this assertion escapes me, I feel it is my duty as an annointed cutting edge fashion idol to start yet a new trend in men’s apparel. Hence: the Pith Helmet.

Eagle-eyed viewers of Radio Free Charleston may have noticed the fleeting appearance of a Pith Helmet among your loyal host’s headgear repertoire this past summer. Just as I helped reintroduce the fedora to the West Virginia hipster community a decade ago, I now stand before you covered in Pith.

Image8This durable, hardened canvas chapeau, famous for its appearance on the head of token British comedians in American movies, Adventure Team GI Joes, Bob Hope during his USO tours, and hapless explorers sinking in quicksand in thousands of magazine gag cartoons, is in fact a handy and utilitarian head garment. Not only does it protect your noggin from sleet, snow, UV rays, or hammering hailstorms, it’s also useful in protecting the wearer from damage in those instances where one might find oneself pelted with rocks and garbage.

I maintain that this particular gift is appropriate for all ages and genders, although it may be tricky finding a well made toddler sized Pith Helmet. You can, however, head over to Amazon, where you will find a wide range of Pith Helmets of various styles and colors that will cost you anywhere between fifteen and fifty dollars. It is entirely possible that a local merchant may have a terrific stock of Pith Helmets, but as yet, I have not found any.

So please keep the Pith Helmet in mind as a potential Christmas gift because by this time next year, all the hipsters will be wearing them and if you wait until then, you’ll just look like a poseur.