I first told you about this fantastic 1/6 walking, talking figure of Robby The Robot (from the movie, Forbidden Planet) back in January, and now he’s the next entry in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide at an even more insanely-reduced price. You can only get him from Walmart, but he is sold online as well as in stores, and he’s only fifteen bucks now! This would be an amazing gift for any fan of classic science fiction, or any collector of toy robots or large-scale action figures.

Walmart licensed the rights to Robbie The Robot, from Forbidden Planet and hired one of their toymaking partners, Goldking, to create a 15″ walking robot, with light and sound features. Robbie is perfectly in scale with the original GI Joes, which is always a good thing.

The best part is that these are very well-made, but originally sold for twenty bucks each and are currently even cheaper. That is a fantastic price for such large and cool toys. Collectors haven’t been this excited by anything in this scale at a mass-market retailer for a long, long time.

With such a low retail price, some corners might have been cut. It appears that the box copy for Robbie was swiped, word-for-word, from the 1999 10″ Trendmasters Robbie, which had a wired remote control.

The reference to “Trendmasters Technology” on the block of copy on the back of the box is a dead giveaway. Trendmasters went out of business eighteen years ago. It’s like somebody handed the factory a vintage Trendmasters box and told them to make the new packaging look just like it, then didn’t bother to proofread it to see how accurately the toymakers followed their directions. When they decided to change the box on the package to eliminate a woman in distress, they still kept the swiped copy on the back of the box.

Any fan of the classic movie will love the Forbidden Planet Robby The Robot Light & Sound Walking Toy. This fun 15″ action figure is an expertly crafted replica of the character in the beloved 1956 film and countless other movie and TV appearances. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukah, and other occasions, the robot features motorized walking, a spinning motion, and lights up with the four included AA batteries. With collector’s quality styling, the Forbidden Planet Robby The Robot Light & Sound Walking Toy provides hours of fun and imaginative play for anyone aged three and up. Forbidden Planet Robby The Robot Light & Sound Walking Toy is a real treat. You can only get it from Walmart.

When I first told you about this toy, I attempted to shoot some video of Robby in action, but I did the photo shoot for that post and shot the video in the corner of my living room, which is carpeted. So Robbie didn’t really walk…he just sort of danced as Dr. Evil looked on. It wasn’t really a great video to show off his walking and talking ability so I turned the results into this video, with music by my brother, Frank…