Our first pick today in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide is a companion to a cool toy I suggested last week. The Iron Giant Light & Sound Walking Robot Toy, based on the classic animated feature, walks, makes noise and lights up and he’s about fifteen inches tall. You can get him at Walmart now for fifteen bucks.

A dollar an inch for a cool toy robot is a bargain, and this is the perfect gift for any kid or adult who loves the movie, and it’s also pretty cool for folks who just like toy robots. Check out the PR…

Any fan of the hit movie “The Iron Giant” will love The Iron Giant Light & Sound Walking Robot Toy. This fun 15″ action figure is an expertly crafted replica of the character in the 1999 Warner Brothers film and features a movable arm and a chest that opens up to play cosmic sound effects with lights. The toy even walks and lights up with the four included AA batteries. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukah, and other occasions, The Iron Giant Light & Sound Walking Robot Toy provides hours of fun and imaginative play for anyone aged three and up. The Iron Giant Light & Sound Walking Robot Toy.

Walmart licensed the rights to Robbie The Robot, from Forbidden Planet (who I told you about last week), and The Iron Giant from Warner Media, and hired one of their toymaking partners, Goldking, to create 15″ walking robots, with light and sound features.

The specs are: 15″ action figure; Expertly crafted replica of the character from the 1999 film, The Iron Giant; Features a movable arm and chest that opens up; Plays cosmic sound effects; Toy really walks and lights up for realistic play; Lets anyone recreate iconic scenes from the hit film;  Perfect for any fan of the film 3 years and up;  Comes with 4 AA batteries.

I would imagine that The Iron Giant is probably compatible with O Scale model railroads, just in case anybody wants to add some spice to their train layout.

This is a great gift for any fan of the movie or anyone who loves toy robots. Available exclusively at Walmart, online and in stores.