FTCSC_Holiday_CARDED_SantaClauseFor the past couple of years, Figures Toy Company has been releasing an unyielding torrent of really cool MEGO-style retro action figures.  They’ve released figures based on a lot of cool properties like Evel Kenivel, Gilligan’s Island, Conan, Dukes of Hazard, and KISS.  But their big property has been DC Comics.

Now they’re taking on the greatest superhero of them all, Santa Claus!  While it might be a little late to give this as a Christmas gift, it’s the perfect pre-Christmas item, an 8 inch tall articulated figure of Jolly St. Nick, ready for all your gift giving or crime fighting activities.

That’s right, Santa himself is the latest character to be created in the 8 inch retro figure format. Santa comes dressed in a detailed cloth Santa suit, complete with hat and belt. The detail on this Santa allows him to fall right in line with all of your Figures Toy Company superhero and superstar retro figures. The figure comes inside of resealable plastic clamshell packaging.  Limited numbered edition of 500 pieces!

Not content with just bringing Santa Claus to life in action figure form, Figures Toy Company is offering Kris Kringle’s alter-ego in two very special combination two packs.

FTC_Santa2pk_OptionsFirst up, we have Christmas With the Superheroes.  You can choose a two figure set that teams Santa Claus with any DC Comics superhero that Figures Toy Company has produced.  For $60, you can team up Santa Claus with Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, or any superhero.  If you are so inclined, you can even get him in a package with a bad guy like the Joker or Doctor Sivana.  The logo and name for this set is taken from the beloved DC Comics tabloid-sized holiday collections from the 1970’s.  It’s a nice little nostalgic treat for collectors of a certain age.

FTC_KISS_2Pk_8inBC_KISSMASDemonIn what may seem a more unusual turn, FTC is also making Santa Claus available in a two pack with any of the four members of the band KISS.  With these KISSMAS sets, You can get Santa Claus packaged with The Demon, The Star Child, The Space Ace,  or The Catman.  These limited edition two packs will also set you back $60 each.

While intended as a collectible, it’s hard to deny that a Santa Claus action figure could be a fun toy for any kid.  Plus he works well as a decoration, or a nice irreverant touch if you put him in a Nativity scene. If you opt for the single Santa Claus figure, he’ll set you back $25 plus shipping.  You can order directly from Figures Toy Company.