71VsCeP9ucL._SL1500_Regular readers of PopCult know that I’m a big fan of Tim Mee Toys.  These are classic American plastic toys using the original molds that were created decades ago and they’re made right here in the USA.  Whenever TimMee puts out a new product, I always like to point it out here in PopCult and this set is so cool and so new that I’m recommending it before I even have an example in my hands.  It’s the ShadowOps BLACK HELICOPTER Strikeforce.  This ultra cool set combines two classic helicopters, molded in black for the first time ever, with a small force of S.W.A.T. policemen figures, also molded in black for the first time ever, I believe.  Basically, it’s stealth Green Army Men.

Tim Mee’s SHADOW OPS: Black Helicopter Strikeforce includes 8 pieces and is proudly manufactured in the United States. The set includes 6 different S.W.A.T. figures along with an attack and a transport Helicopter. The attack chopper is modeled after the McDonnell Douglas / Bell Helicopter LHX concept design and the transport copter is also likely a concept aircraft. The helicopters both measure about 8 inches long (not including rotor) and 2.75 inches wide and tall.

71rXwR6lfsL._SL1500_The S.W.A.T. police figures feature a high level of detail and stand up to 2.6 inches tall. All pieces are made from sturdy HDPE/LDPE black plastic with very little flashing. The helicopters are approximately 1:50 scale and the figures 1:30 scale.

The S.W.A.T. police figures were first produced by PROCESSED PLASTIC COMPANY (Tim Mee’s parent company) in the late 1970’s and were included in various police sets but were discontinued in the 1980’s. The first versions of the helicopters were produced the mid-1990’s and were usually offered in bulk bins along with an assortment of other aircraft. At some point they were slightly modified to make the interiors molded as part of the lower fuselage to simplify manufacturing. This all-black set was inspired by the classic Tim Mee Shadow Mountain playset along with TV shows and movies like Airwolf, Blue Thunder, and the countless Black Helicopter conspiracy theories featured on programs like Coast-to-Coast AM.

This playset is packaged in a polybag with header card. These are real toys, meant to be set up, knocked over, picked up and played with for years to come.  Recommended for ages five and up, but you can bet that a lot of sales will be going to the “and up” crowd. The set retails for under $18, and is available now from Amazon.This gift is perfect for kids of all ages.