71XM4Ra9tBL._SL1500_This is Charleston, West Virginia.  And most people over the age of twenty grew up watching Tom McGee as a television anchor.  So this area in particular has a real fondness and appreciation for the Will Ferrell movie, Anchorman.  Basically, it’s like a really funny fictionalized account of Mr. McGee’s pre-law school life.

Last year, when Anchorman 2 was released, several overpriced action figures were relased to accompany it.  Now, a year later, those action figures are marked down to affordable prices.  Foremost among them is the thirteen inch Talking Ron Burgundy Action Figure, complete with Scotch-Vision, a bathrobe and slippers, a barbell, and of course, his trademark anchorman’s outfit.

And he talks.  All your favorite quotes from the movie are present, even if it seems like he only says three of them over and over again.  Rest assured that “Stay classy, San Diego” is among them.

You can order the thirteen inch Talking Ron Burgundy from Amazon for the very affordable price of just under eighteen dollars.  If you are skilled in the ways of slightly re-sculpting plastic, you could probably customize him into a rather convincing likeness of Mr. McGee without too much effort.