x files dvd

81ep2uLEecL._SL1500_The X Files was a classic, long running science fiction television show that was the first hit drama on the FOX network when it debuted in the 1990’s.  The show is being revived in just a few weeks, which gives you plenty of time to catch up with X-Files: The Complete TV Series and Movie Collection.

You’ve got ten years worth of episodes, plus two movies, so you might want to make this an early Christmas gift and then spend the entire months of December and Janurary binge watching it. The revival starts airing on Fox January 24.

Appropriate for teens and older, Chris Carter’s creation with two terrific lead actors (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) is one of the most solid and long lived science fiction shows ever created.  Now is the perfect time to find out that the truth is out there.

The entire series will set you back $194 at Amazon, which is by far the best deal you will get. We are talking about 54 DVDs here: That’s 202 episodes, two full-length features films and all the bonus material that was originally included with the season sets and movie releases. There is no special packaging or collector’s box. You get all nine boxed sets of the broadcast seasons, plus two movies, shrink-wrapped together.

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