First up today in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide we have a brand-new album by Todd Burge, to be released November 25 to mark Todd’s birthday.

Todd is one of West Virginia’s finest singer/songwriters, and this album is a perfect gift for any fan of his, and for any fan of intelligent, heartfelt American music.

I’ll quote Todd here to let him tell you about it.

“Hello All!
I’m excited and proud. On my birthday this year I will release an album from a live show I played on my birthday last year. Let’s celebrate! There will be only 100 CDs available so jump on those right now! I sure hope you enjoy this new live album during this time when live music everywhere is being challenged. Love to you and thank you so much for supporting what I do!

Sincerely, Todd”

Todd Burge Live In Parkersburg was recorded live at Artsbridge in Parkersburg WV in Nov of 2019. It contains 21 tracks including some never before released covers of songs by Bob Dylan, George Jones and Jimmy Clinton. Cover artwork is by Sophia Burge.

With only 100 physical copies, you’d better act fast if you want something to put under the tree. You can order this CD from Todd’s Bandcamp page, and you’ll have it sooner than you realize.

Check out Todd’s recent livestream for a sample…