Next up in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide we have a triple-recommendation which is perfect for the kid on your shopping list who loves dinosaurs, foam blasters and target practice.

Zuru has come up with a suite of products that check off all of those boxes and they do it in a very affordable way. Let’s check these out…

ZURU X-Shot Dino Attack – Dino Striker 

It’s time to take down the ferocious prehistoric predators with the all-new X-Shot Dino Attack Dino Striker from ZURU. Face the Dino invasion with this Dino Striker foam dart blaster that features an auto-rotating 6-dart barrel to annihilate incoming predators with extreme accuracy from up to 90ft/27m away.

The additional 6-dart storage supplies foam flingers with maximum fire power. Join the included Dino eggs together, place them down and then blast them away before they hatch.
With Dino Striker, no invader stands a chance. This set includes blaster, 2 dino egg targets and 16 foam darts.

For Ages 8+, SRP $9.99. Available at Amazon and Target.

ZURU X-Shot Dino Attack – Claw Hunter 

If you’re after bigger prehistoric prey, get ready to have loads of blasting fun with the all-new X-Shot Dino Attack Claw Hunter. Once you fill the 6 dart barrel, fire at predators at an incredible shooting distance of up to 90 feet/27 meters with this two-shot blaster.

Don’t forget to load up the top storage with an additional 10 darts to keep the expedition going.

You can also join the included Dino eggs together to use as Dino targets and blast them away before they hatch.
This set includes blaster, 6 dino egg targets and 24 foam darts.

Ages 8+, SRP $14.99. Available at Amazon and Target.

ZURU X-Shot Dino Attack – Inflatable Target Unit

For a more formidable opponet, you can get ready for the Dino invasion with the Inflatable Target Unit from ZURU.

Simply blow up the inflatable T-Rex and then fill the base with water or sand. Standing at 3feet tall, this Dino Attack specialty item can be used for target practice by blasting at the 3 different point indicators.

You can also use it to shield yourself in an epic Dino Attack foam fight, ensuring you don’t get annihilated.

Ages 8+, SRP $9.99. Available at Amazon.

With these three cool toys, your young dinosaur hunter will be completely prepared for any incoming raptor threats.

Check out this quick video…