wabi cat

IMG_0308_largeYour PopCulteer and his lovely wife met the folks behind Wabi Sabi Cat last February at Toy Fair.  The Wabi Sabi Cat is the plush embodiment of a mascot originally created for a framing shop in Hawaii.  Now Wabi Sabi Cat has evolved into a cute little plush creature who celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

The business that begat Wabi Sabi Cat began in 1988 as a custom frame shop and gallery, and over the years has evolved into what it is today,  “Life is Wabi-Sabi” is the creation of Brian Tanimoto, and the artistic inspiration of his daughter, Erynn. It is also supported by a team of like-minded creative individuals, who enjoy spreading messages of positivity. Life is Wabi-Sabi is an offshoot of their main business, Tanimoto Dharma Designs LLC; which is located in the heart of Hilo, Hawaii.

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese view of life that finds beauty in things that are imperfect, humble and simple, ordinary and unrefined. It is a way of living that peacefully accepts the natural cycle of life. Everything ages, nothing lasts forever, and sometimes things don’t work out as planned.

The “Wabi-Sabi Cat” was a drawing made by Erynn when she was 13 years old. Its cute and quirky looks inspired the development of this brand, which focuses on embracing and appreciating the imperfections of everyday life. Each of their products carries the simple yet inspiring philosophy — “Life is “purr-fectly” imperfect!”

You can order Wabi Sabi Cat directly from their website, where you can also find a bunch of really cool pinback buttons with nifty sayings emblazoned upon them and other cool art objects.  The Wabi Sabi Cat Plushie is suitable for all ages.  It’s a great, different kind of plush animal and it’ll only set you back $15 plus shipping.  It’s perfect for the art lover or cat lover in your life.