wed shows 4 20 02The magical moments continue on Appalachian Independent Radio today with a brand-new edition of The Booster Pack, and a brand new edition of On The Road with Mel. You can listen in to original, entertaining, and informative radio programs as well as the best of independent music at the AIRadio website, or on this nifty little radio-player widget…

At 10 AM, with a replay at 3 PM, tune in to The Booster Pack as Chase Henderson and Terry Bartley spend an hour talking about creepy phenomena on the interwebs, like Creepypasta and Five Nights at Freddy’s. Each week Gorillafoot Productions explores the worlds of modern nerd/cool culture on AIRadio.The show replays Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.

At 1 PM, On The Road with Mel presents a special show, “Goin’ Back To Chicago,” as Mel is joined by her husband, your PopCulteer, to discuss, in-depth, the process of planning and procuring tickets and hotel rooms for an upcoming trip to Chicago to see a performance of the brand new play by Pulitzer and Tony Award winning playwright, Tracy Letts, at Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

In this show, we go over the ways you can order train tickets from Amtrak, book a hotel room at a Hilton property, and purchase your tickets to a play online, weeks in advance.  This is to give you and idea of how proper planning can ensure that you have a great time on your trips. On The Road with Mel can be heard Wednesday and Saturday at 1 PM and Sunday night at 9:30.  The previously-announced show about roadside attractions will be delayed to a future date.