RFC logo 4 19 02Radio Free Charleston is back in business this week with tons of brand-new music, and plenty of gems from deep in our local music archives.

New additions this week include fresh tracks from Larry Groce, TriElement, Chuck Biel and Hybrid Soul, who open our show.

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You can catch replays of Radio Free Charleston Saturday morning at 9 AM (kicking off five hours of programming produced by your PopCulteer) and late Saturday night at 1 AM. All of our General Substances programs at AIRadio will be new this week, so tune in to the hottest radio station on the web!

Our playlist:

Hybrid Soul  “Hate On Me”

Chuck Biel  “The Other Side”
TriElement  “Mind Frenzy”
Mark Wolfe  “Gypsy Rant”
Punk Jazz  “Eminence”

Mother Nang  “Buy The Farm”
Some Forgotten Color  “High Chair”
Spencer Elliott  “Some Forgotten Color”
Superfetch  “Sheen Dinner”
Three Bodies  “Gardens Of Hope”

Larry Groce  “What Do You Think About”
Jordan Andrew Jefferson  “Beyond Words”
Ann Magnuson  “Disassociation”
Red Honey  “Backs To The Wind”

Time And Distance  “Live A Lie”
Westerberg High  “Walking With A Ghost”
Hellblinki  “Rust”
Charlie West All Stars  “Frankenstein”

Charlie West All Stars  “Snortin’ Whiskey”
Unknown Hinson  “Peace Love and Hard Liquor”
The Nanker Phelge  “Killer Took A Holiday”
Joe Vallina  “Haven’t Got Enough”

QiET “Hirundieans”
Mike Morningstar and Rick Roberts  “East End Bar”
Swivels  “Chemical City”
The Company Stores  “Rollin’ In”
J Marinelli  “Acceptable Faces”
Bobaflex  “You Don’t Wanna Know”

The Renfields  “Forbidden Planet”