The big day is here! It’s Halloween. Because of the vagaries of the calendar and the fickleness of the public, most of the celebrating is over. The drunken parties were last weekend, and much of this area did trick or treating last night. That leaves us with today, the actual holiday, to simply get into the real spirit of spooky fun with a few Halloween treats. First, there’s our programming on The AIR, which you can listen to at the website, or on this embedded player…

Among the cool things you can hear today are a musical salute to Edgar Allen Poe, audio adaptations of work by H.P Lovecraft, plus Dracula, A Clockwork Orange and The Twilight Zone, and you can hear Halloween episodes of our music programs. This stuff will all disappear from the server and go into storage until next year on November 1, so catch it while you can.

An even bigger Halloween treat comes to us from our good friends Tim and Lisa Weedn, and Studio Joe. It’s a brand-new Toys Will Be Toys Halloween Spooktacular.  The image with this post is a preview of the show. It’s twenty-one plus minutes of surreal stop-motion-animated wild humor, brought to life using GI Joe and other 1/6 scale action figures. This time around the gang heads to Joe’s Bar & Grill to participate in a Halloween costume contest. Musical guests Radio Cult perform ‘Saturday Midnight Double Feature’ written by Ricky Zhero. This is a cool collision of fun people that we’ve met at JoeLanta/ToyLanta, and I thank Tim and Lisa for letting me share it with you.

Tomorrow we put Halloween behind us, and begin The 2018 PopCult Gift Guide, which will run every day in November. Be here, and bring money. Until then, Happy Halloween from PopCult!