Pinpricks: A Book of Tiny and Terrible Oddities.

Our first pick in the 2018 PopCult Gift Guide is a graphic novel by Jason Pell, Pinpricks: A Book of Tiny and Terrible Oddities, which I told you about back in its Kickstarter incubation stage earlier this year. The book is now available, and I highly recommend it as a gift for fans of the macabre and the unusual.

Pinpricks: A Book of Tiny and Terrible Oddities is not really a novel, per se. It’s one-hundred and one illustrated short stories of misfits, monsters, and the terminally awkward. You will meet unusual characters who get caught up in extraordinary situations, which get resolved very quickly in ways you won’t expect.

You will meet monsters and madmen and mimes and very unusual children among the many short, short stories. Pell’s cleverness shines through as he crafts atmospheric scenarios with a minimum of words and pictures.

This compact book of eerie vignettes is the perfect gift for the person who enjoys the offbeat elements of life. You can order it from Amazon, where it is currently just under $16.

Check out the video preview made for Kickstarter for a sample of what you’ll find in Pinpricks: A Book of Tiny and Terrible Oddities…