12592295_10208617744024907_4976826072271420905_nTravis Stephens is the Charleston-born guitarist for The Kenneth Brian Band, He’s just released a solo album, “Between Someday and Never,” and to promote it, he’s holding a concert in his living room, and the entire world is invited!

Today at 5 PM Pacific time (that’s 8 PM for us, here in Charleston) you can click on over to ConcertWindow, and catch Travis playing in the comfort of his own home. You can pay what you want, so if you’re broke, it’s cool, but you should at least pay what the local cover charge is if you can. Don’t be a cheapskate. This is some great music.

After the concert, tune in to AIRadio, where you can listen to the debut of Six Degrees of Separation, where Tim Dorsey and Jason “Roadblock” Robinson spend two hours talking to…Travis Stephens, in an interview recorded at The Empty Glass. You can also listen to AIRadio at the widget below, which you should get used to seeing here in PopCult. Tomorrow night at 8 PM on Empty Glass Records Presents, you’ll get to hear a playlist of music personally chosen by Travis.

Today is the official launch of Appalachian Independent Radio, AKA “The AIR.” Tomorrow sees the return of the audio version of Radio Free Charleston. Wednesday afternoon you can hear the debut of On The Road With Mel, Melanie Larch’s travel show. Thursday at Midnight is the debut time for Radio Free Charleston International, the most fun thing I’ve done in radio, ever. Friday at 8 PM you can witness the inaugural episode of Word Association with Lee and Rudy, the coolest pop culture talk show in the history of the world. You’ll be reading about this stuff all week long, in addition to all of our regular PopCult features.