Geronimo 004

Today’s art is a digital painting of something very special. As you ought to know by now if you’ve been reading PopCult for any length of time, I am a toy collector. Last week I made a deal to purchase some very cool customized Marx figures (with heads by the late Noah Coop) from my friend, Ohio-based collector, Terry Ryder. She told me that one of the figures had some minor damage and that she was going to toss in a few extras to make up for it.

She more than made up for it. The extras were two full figures sporting heads that had actually been dug up from the dumping ground at the Marx toy factory in Glen Dale, West Virginia. One top of that, she threw in two more of the legendary Marx dump heads, and that is one of them, done up in digital oils, that you see above. The patina is fantastic, and the clumps of dirt still attached, coming from the site of the Marx toy factory, almost makes this a religious icon. At least, to me it does. I had to photograph it and render it as art…because it is a work of art. Click to enlarge, and many thanks again to Terry..