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Jeff Ellis, Marcie Bullock, RFC 68 Is CUTE!

Radio Free Charleston 68, “Axiom Starliner Shirt,” is online now! This episode of your favorite local music, animation and film show features music from Jeff Ellis and Marcie Bullock. We also have the first edition of The Radio Free Charleston Financial Report, as well as the debut of the cutest li’l cute cartoon show in the history of cuteness, “Cuticles.”

Host segments for this show were shot late Sunday evening in the parking lot at the Nitro Marketplace shopping center. “Why there?” You ask? I honestly have no idea. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The green ball cap seemed like a good idea, too, but it sure looks stupid on screen. The shirt is from the movie, “Wall-E.”

Our first musical guest is Jeff Ellis. Jeff really needs no introduction. He’s one of the most respected and admired singer/songwriters in the state. His stirring songs, many written while on duty in Kuwait, lay bare the conflicts that this country has faced over the last eight years. Jeff has just released his second album, which you can order here.

We recorded Jeff way back in the Autumn of 2007, the same night we recorded Mark Bates for his first performance on RFC. However, we turned our tapes of Jeff over to editor, Douglas Imbrogno, who combined them with footage shot by Jessica “Foxy Commander” and Nick Harrah for a feature on Jeff. Since it’s been awhile, and that feature has disappeared off the Gazette servers, we felt it was time to present our mix and edit of Jeff’s song, “In Harm’s Way.” This was newly edited on April 28, 2009.

It was a fun night at the Unity Church in North Charleston, when we recorded this song.It’s always fun at Ron Sowell’s Unity Open Mic, but on this night it was particulary nice. The weather was great and the music was terrific. Musicians were outside working out collaborations for later in the evening, and inside, folks settled in for cozy night of great music. As I mentioned, we recorded Mark Bates for the show that night, and in fact it was at Unity Open Mic about a year earlier when we first heard Mark. in addition to Jeff and Mark, Doug Imbrogno and Casi Null, possibly before they had the name, “The Clementines,” were also on hand, and we might just have some footage of them doing a tune or two with Jeff buried in our archives somewhere.

We’ve also still got Jeff’s song about Sago (recorded the same night as “In Harm’s Way”) banked for a future episode of RFC, but we hope to catch him doing some of his newer material soon. Jeff is a compelling performer with amazing songs. We’re proud to finally feature him on Radio Free Charleston.

Closing the show is Huntington’s Marcie Bullock, who is soon to relocate to Memphis. Marcie’s voice is a force of nature, and she’s sure to rise to the top of the music scene where ever she goes. I’m hoping that we get to see her in Charleston again before she goes. (Hey Roadblock, you reading this? A double bill of Marcie with The Diablo Blues Band would be pretty freakin’ awesome.)

Marcie, backed ably by The Steve Himes Connection, treats us to her soulful, bluesy original song, “Can’t Undo,” from her CD. You can read my review of her CD here, and you can order it from CD Baby. It’s a solid album, with Marcie belting out killer tunes in a variety of styles. We recorded this song at Sam’s Uptown Cafe back in December, 2008, just a few days before black ice claimed my beloved Cutlass Supreme (sniff).At the beginning of this song you can hear Marcie calling out the name of Dave Thomas, the bartender at Sam’s that night, and a talented artist and musician. Dave was also one-half of The Blind Blue Leper Society with Joey Fabulous (also of The Feast Of Stephen). BBLS was the very first band that we had perform live in the studio on the old radio version of Radio Free Charleston, nearly twenty years ago.

Plus he founded Wendy’s and was on SCTV!

With the economy looking about as healthy as an upside-down goldfish, we thought it was time to perk you guys up with some positive financial news. Hence, The Radio Free Charleston Financial Report tells you that things are looking up, up, up! Now is the time to invest in the RFC Hedge Fund. Deposits can be made at the hole in our hedge. We guarantee Madoff-like returns, or double what’s left of your money back!

This episode of RFC also features the debut of the cutest little critters you could ever imagine, The Cuticles! These cuddley little bumpkins are so gosh-darned cute that you’ll want to smother them with kisses, then hide the bodies in the love freezer in a basement at Dimpley Dell.

That’s it for episode 68 of the area’s longest-running webcast with at least two Panucci’s working on it. Come back in two weeks for a special episode devoted to a single, legendary RFC fave! You want to know who it is….you gotta wait, sucker!


  1. Mountain Woman Phd.

    It is wonderful to see Jeff Ellis on your show. I haven’t watched for months due to computer issues, but it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. I can’t believe you’ve done so many of these shows lately.

    Marcie Bullock is a real find, too. Maybe someone will bring her to Charleston for FestivAll.

  2. Elvis Capone

    I like your cartoon. I think it was made by Walt Disney.

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