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JoeLanta 2014: That’s a lot of toys!

Bryan Tatum’s Harpoon Gun, limited edition diorama piece

The final stop our our Thursday JoeLanta Commander’s Package Tour last Thursday was a visit to Bryan Tatum’s house. Bryan lives down a long, winding, long single-lane dirt road. It’s the last place you’d expect to find a massive toy collection (or a tour bus like the one we rode to get there, for that matter), but that’s exactly what Bryan has.

How big is Bryan’s toy collection? He built a 5,000 square foot warehouse in which to store it. And it’s getting full.

The scary thing is that Bryan’s collection is not unlike mine in terms of taste, but the scope in incomparable. If I had one of something, he has five. If I have three, he has ten. After seeing Bryan’s collection I will never feel like I have too much stuff ever again. Amid the scattered diorama pieces and rare Adventure Team vehicles and playsets you will find just about every cool action figure released in the last twenty-five years. I’m going to have to let the video speak for itself. Just remember that the video only scratches the surface. The collection is much bigger than it looks here.

Bryan also created the incredibly cool Harpoon gun that went along with the Nautilus Gunner figure that was made for JoeLanta this year. So he’s got a huge toy collection and loads of diorama-making talent.

And he keeps his fridge stocked with Mexican Coca-Cola, too. I’m voting for him for President next time.


  1. hobgoblin238

    That is alot of stuff….And when he dies it will all go on Ebay.

    I am a collector…But I ONLY collect what I really like. This guy is obsessive and needs counseling.

    • rudy panucci

      I disagree. Bryan is a dioramist, and has no qualms about cracking boxes open to use in a diorama. His place is filled with cool customs and kitbashes. If I had the space, I’d have a collection like that. He also trades freely with other collectors and shares the bargains that he gets. He also collects what he likes. He just likes a whole lot of cool stuff.

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