Img_0015The PopCulteer
March 21, 2014

Don’t panic. I’m not taking a breather from PopCult. I’m resting for a moment while another video from JoeLanta is rendering. It’s a bit strange to unwind from editing what is essentially vacation videos by writing my regular Friday column, but I’m okay with strange. Normally I would be posting photos from ArtWalk here, but I have been so buried in video editing that I skipped ArtWalk last night.  The plan is to visit the galleries early next week and present a photo essay in this space next Friday.

I still haven’t quite come down from the high of JoeLanta. The trip was a blast. The people were fantastic. The experiences were priceless as I mingled with toy collectors, professional wrestlers, artists, writers, musicans and folks from Adult Swim. Rather than write a long recap here, I will be doling out videos fresh out of the computer.  The plan is to collect all of these short videos into one long comprehensive package that nobody will watch because they’ve already seen all the good parts.

However I will be peeling myself away from the computer tonight to go see “Extremities” at Kanawha Players Theater. Details are here…


I wouldn’t want to miss this show, and you shouldn’t either.

Other stuff going on tonight includes: Blue Million playing for free at Bruno’s at 9 PM;  Tribe of the Elk and EOP LIVE at the Boulevard Tavern at 10 PM; John “PD” Bird, The Super Heroes and Taste of Charleston Live at The Blue Parrot at 10 PM; and Matt Woods with Josh Morgningstar, Jeremy “Wood”Roberts and Smith and Company Live at the Empty Glass at 10 PM.

Tomorrow afternoon, it’s An Afternoon Of Austin Susman Productions Hosted By Daniel Calwell. Details are here…


Music Saturday includes Sasha Collette, cover-free at Bluegrass Kitchen at 7 PM and John Lilly at Taylor Books at 7:30 PM.

The Empty Glass presents a Freakshow…


That’s it for this short PopCulteer. Look for all our regular features and tons and tons and tons more coverage of JoeLanta.