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JoeLanta: The State of the Hobby 2015

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Joelanta-Logo---Hisstank_1418344325Up above you see the annual roundtable discussion of the State of the 1/6 Hobby at JoeLanta. Moderated by Buddy Finethy, with Rudy Panucci, Keith Holmes, Scott Beckmann, Chung Kim and Greg Brown of Cotswold Collectibles. Recorded March 14, 2015 at the Marriott Century Center, Atlanta Georgia.

Each year a bunch of us guys get up and talk about where the hobby is going, what new stuff is coming out, how customizers are using new tools like 3D printers and basically what the trends in the 1/6 scale hobby are at the moment.

As with last year, the trends for 2015 are leaning more toward do-it-yourself topics, because Hasbro and the other major toymakers are not really serving the hobby.

Look for more panels from JoeLanta coming up in PopCult.


  1. Mark

    Greatest video EVER? I think so!!!!!!!!!

  2. James Peacock

    Thanks for posting. I learned some things I am kind of glad to know. It was good to see Greg Brown. Up there, being all Greg Brownie. Great job on all you’ve been bringing to us there, Greg. Cotswold has done so much since we were digging in the dirt. You told me back then that Adventure Team would rule the world again and you were right.

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