This week, due to deadline pressures, we’re showcasing an installment of Radio Free Charleston that has already been revived, albeit a year-and-an-half ago. This is a classic early episode of Radio Free Charleston, and one of the rare cases where the show is named not after what host, Rudy Panucci, is wearing on his shirt, but instead it’s named after his entire wardrobe.

With music from The Heydays (Douglas Imbrogno and Paul Calicoat) and The Appalachain Celtic Consort, and a Pentagram Flowerbox cartoon, this episode is also noted for explosions and chaos in downtown Charleston, which was inserted by Frank Panucci in post-production without Rudy Panucci’s knowledge.

Douglas Imbrogno is now part of The BrotherSisters, who can be seen on RFC 193, and who perform regularly in the area.

Original production notes can be found here.