wednesday-7-19Wednesday always brings cool stuff to The AIR.  Thousands of people worldwide are tuning in and you can here why at the website, or on this nifty embedded radio machine doohickey…

Wednesday we offer up new episodes of Life Speaks To Michele Zirkle Marcum and Marking Out with Betty Rock and this week’s tag-team partner, Roger.

The morning brings you replays of The Swing Shift and two hours of our special collection of local and international artists in The AIR Music Mix.

At 11 AM we debut this week’s all-new episode of Marking Out, as Betty Rock and Roger regale you about the fallout from the latest WWE and pro-wrestling developments. Marking Out can be heard again at 10 PM.

Noon sees 90 minutes of Mrs. PopCulteer, Mel Larch, first hosting a replay of last week’s all-new Curtain Call, and then in a classic episode of On The Road with Mel.

At 1:30 PM it’s time for an all-new edition of Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle Marcum. This week it’s all about dreams. As Michele says, “Dream messages are no malarkey. Tune in when you conk out to receive your insights.” You can hear a replay of Life Speaks at 7 PM.

For the rest of what to expect, just check out that nice yellow schedule graphic that accompanies this post. I made it just for you.

You can always keep up with the latest programming notes on The AIR here in PopCult. It’s our unofficial companion radio station.