tuesday-7-18Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM, The AIR will present a brand-new episode of Radio Free Charleston! You can tune in at the website, or on this cool little embedded player…

Along with our other quality offerings on The AIR, today we present yet another brand-new installment of Radio Free Charleston. Today’s show features a load of brand-new releases from our local musical stars, plus some choice cuts from the RFC Archives.  The morning broadcast of Radio Free Charleston is followed by rebroadcasts of three recent episodes. At night you can listen to Radio Free Charleston International immediately following this week’s new RFC.

You can listen to THE local music showcase exclusively on The AIR, and check out our other programs that showcase SKA, Swing, New Wave, Alternative and more. That’s the schedule over on the left.

And below it is the playlist for RFC:

4 Ohm Mono   “The Death and Resurrection of a Salesman”
coverSpeedsuit  “Forever Never Mind”
Kerry Hughes  “Speeding For The Red Light”
Pale Nova  “Fell to Pieces”
The Company Stores  “Strip It Away”
Red Audio  “Radio Blah-Blah”
The Science Fair Explosion  “Demon Burger”
Feast of Stephen  “Needing Only Me”
Scarlet Revolt  “Secrets”
Bon Air  “Free Shot”
Wren Allen Band  “What Are You Waiting For”
Kenneth Brian Band  “Cry To The Dark”
Groove Heavy  “Don’t Stop Believin'”