senoia-001As part of this week’s barrage of photo essays from your PopCulteer’s two recent trips, today we’re going to look at some of the sights of Senoia, Georgia. This was our main destination for our Thanksgiving trip.

Mrs. PopCulteer just loves it here and it is wild that such a lovely, peaceful quintessential Southern town is also a primary filming location for much of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead.

One of the reasons we went down there was to sight-see shooting locations for the show, but we also just enjoy hanging out in Senoia on its own. The town is filled with beautiful homes, cool places to shop and great places to eat, and the gazebo at the end of Main Street is just a nice, relaxing place to sit and watch the world go by.

We even met a few expatriate West Virginians there. I have to say I did not expect to be sitting in a pizza place in Senoia talking about DiCarlo’s Pizza in Wheeling with our waitress.

In this essay we’re just going to look at some of the sights of Senoia. Our next photo essay will take us to some cool shooting locations for The Walking Dead.


A shot from Main Street, with the famous water tower looming over 48 Main Street, a cool buiding that’s part mall/part office building and is also the home of The Woodbury Shoppe, the official Walking Dead Store.


A different angle.



Senoia Coffe & Cafe, AKA “The Woodbury Cafe” from season three of The Walking Dead. A great place to have a meal, and also a repository of some cool props and photos from the show.



Next door to Senoia Coffee & Cafe we find Foxxhollow, one of the way-cool antique shops along Main Street. The metal giraffes managed to sneak into the background of an episode or two of The Walking Dead.



Senoia’s newest eatery, Nic & Norman’s, owned by TWD executive producer, Greg Nicotero and actor, Norman Reedus, who plays “Daryl” on the show.



The food was terrific and the sidewinder fries were unlike any fries I’d seen.



We were in town before they went full-blown with their Christmas decorations, but some were starting to sprout.



This tree was pretty darned impressive, I must say.



This cool walkway leads from Main Street to a parking area.



Georgia Mercantile. They’ll get their own mini-photo essay soon.



Almost every extablismhment in town had some kind of zombie/Walking Dead paraphanalia for sale. Next up, we’re going to show you some of the shooting locations we visited.