Our week-long lead-up to Christmas continues with two classic Christmas episodes of Radio Free Charleston:

rfcxmascollageAbove it’s our first Radio Free Charleston Christmas show, episode eleven from 2006, with music from Clownhole and Melanie Larch and lots of animation and weird stuff, hosted from the original location of The Purple Moon.

Below it’s Christmas 2012, hosted from the Marx Toy Museum in Moundsville, with music from The Charleston Gay Mens Chorale, the cast of MARY, Prank Monkey and the duo of Pepper Fandango and Lee Harrah. There’s also animation and a holiday message from Razor Sharp Studios.

xmas-air-logoYou can also bask in the holiday spirit over on our internet radio station, The AIR, as we bombard you with holiday music from now until a couple of days after Christmas. Check out the most bizarre mix of holiday music ever gathered in once place, plus all kinds of great themed shows:You can hear local Christmas music on Radio Free Charleston; Progressive Yule toons on Prognosis; New Wave XMas on Sydney’s Big Electric Cat; Swinging Big Band jams on The Swing Shift and holiday showtunes on Curtain Call. On top of that we have The AIR XMAS Mess, with an insane assortment of the wildest holiday music ever.

Check it out at The AIR website, or on this neatly-wrapped little embedded radio present…