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“Mad Drummer Shirt” The New RFC!

The latest installement of Radio Free Charleston is online now! This episode features music from Holden Caulfield and The Synergy Collective.  Plus we have new animation from Frank Panucci and some long-lost missing scenes from Star Wars. This show is called “ Shirt,” which marks the second show in a row named after a free T Shirt.  You can check out Mad Drummer Inc. for all sorts of deals on drums and stuff.

Host segments were shot all over the place, with me driving around under the influence of various cold medicines.  Melanie Larch, RFC’s Resident Diva and one of the “RFC Big Shots” turns up as our “animation intro chick” this episode as well, as we cavort within site of Governor Manchin’s infamous party tent.  Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot the State Capitol, The University of Charleston, the statue of those fruity guys in front of the BB&T bank, and Mel’s neighborhood in the background of this show.

Had we not done it with the Christmas episode, I probably would have shot the host segments in my house.  I was so sick.  Lucky for you guys, I’m a freakin’ trooper!

Holden Caulfield was captured live at the La Belle Theater in South Charleston last August (the same night that we taped 69 Fingers for our Christmas show, in fact) and from them we have “Northern California Nightmare.”  You can catch the hardcore machinations of Holden Caulfield live this very weekend.  Friday night at Yesterday’s in Wheeling, the Rye-catching hard rockers will appear with Unholy and Hank Jones.  Saturday, Holden Caulfield returns to the La Belle, with Unholy, Time and Distance, and Hands Bleed Hope for an all-ages show that kicks off at 6 PM. 

The Synergy Collective is an exciting band that we just recently discovered.   We took our cameras to Ric Cochran’s Lighthouse Cafe at the Baptist Temple Fellowship Hall last November, and recorded TSC’s uplifting acoustic blues.  The band was not at full strength that night, but they still turned in a remarkable performance.   We feature their song “Looking For Heaven” here. The guitar/vocal tandem of Brandon Hughes and James Townshend is a real powerhouse, and with the addition of Luke Mitchell on vocals and percussion, and Lacy Dix dancing, The Synergy Collective presents a musical and visual experience unlike anything else in the local scene.  We hope to have the full band, with bassist Pat Turley and drummer Jason Reese back on the show in the near future. 

Frank Panucci is back with another installement of his “Existential Journey” series. You will want to take notes.  At the conclusion of this series, you should possess all the knowledge you will need to focus your chi towards the heart of the universe so that you can open the mystic doo-hickey that controls gravity.  This will enable you to mentally control the outcome of the Plinko game on “The Price Is Right.” 

Our moles in Hollywood have come through with some amazing footage.  These are scenes that were cut from Star Wars after some of the early test screenings.   I’m not going to say much about these, because the lower the profile I keep, the longer we can go without a “Cease and Desist” order from Lucasfilm.  But you want to make sure and watch the show early and often, before they make us take this episode offline.  We’re really putting ourselves on the line for you, here. 

That’s the behind-the-scenes dirt on RFC episode 33.  In about two weeks, we’ll have our first “show without words.”  So check back for that. 


  1. Elvis Capone

    Every new episode of RADIO FREE CHARLESTON gives me a warm feeling all over!

    This one got me all the way up to 98.6 degrees Farenheit. That’s taken orally. Armpit and rectal measurements are slightly higher, but you get the drift. I’m warm!

  2. Mountain Woman Phd,

    It’s always a joy to open the Gazz on a Thursday morning and find that there’s a new Radio Free Charleston. I hope you’re feeling better. You seemed to be doing okay during your introductions.

    The Synergy Collective is a real treat. I hope you’ll keep us informed about their upcoming shows.

    Holden Caulfield wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but they certainly are energetic. Frank’s animation was thought-provoking, as always.

    I do wonder about the “Star Wars” clips, though. It seems like they would have had more shock value and would have been much funnier if there hadn’t been a detailed description of them in the Gazz this morning. They were still fun, just less so.

    Loved your reaction to the “intrusion.”

  3. Longtime Listener

    Great show. It is a shame they ruined the Star Wars joke. Still, it rocked.

  4. Matt Salazar

    You kicked off the new year right.

    Great music. Cool Animation. Looks like I’m lucky that I don’t read the paper, cause that Star Wars stuff cracked me up big time.

    Loved the dancing chick, too.

  5. Strident Weiner

    Radio Free Charleston continues to amaze.

    Loved the hardcore thrash stuff. That was something you hadn’t had on before.

    Also loved the bluesy music with the dancer. Definitely easy on the eyes.

    Frank’s stuff is always the best, and that Star Wars stuff was hysterical.

    Hope you get over your cold, or whatever. I’m looking forward to the show without words.

  6. Fred Martin



    Love the cartoons, hot chick, and cool music.

    The Star Wars stuff was SIIIICCKKK!!

  7. Charleston Marley

    As always, you have amazing diversity. I am glad to see you will still be with us in 2008.

    My wish list for the new year would be for more jazz and blues, but keep the wild mix you have. It makes each show unique.

  8. Chris Tic

    You done good again. Loved the Star Wars bit. With screamcore on one hand, and blues with dance on the other, when it comes to music, you cover the waterfront, my friend.

  9. zontar mozinky

    Cool new show.

    check out

    I know you’re a fan.
    New music coming soon.

  10. The Dude

    I liked the show and I enjoy the way you mix up the music so that we never know what to expect, but really dig the animation.

    How about you do a whole show of animation some time? It\’d be a kick.

  11. Mexican Romeo

    It’s about time that somebody pay tribute to the wonderful kung fu fighting in the original Star Wars movie. It’s a shame that Lucas butchered his masterpiece by cutting out the best moments. I can see his point of view a bit. When Luke rips the head off of that mummy and throws it at the other mummy, causing it to explode…well, that does sort of overshadow the whole death star explosion scene.

    Fun show, lots of good music. Cute dancer, too.

  12. Popess

    I liked this show alot.  The Star Wars stuff was crazy and the music was too cool.  I really liked both the hard rock from Holdon Caulfeild and laid back Synergy music.  Keep up the great work!

  13. The Gas Man Cometh

    great show.

    i loved the music.  The Star Wars stuff was fun. 

    i’ll be watching more of these.

  14. Van Martin

    Awesome show, great job!

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