You may be wondering just exactly where PopCult has been since Christmas.  Well, folks, the answer is ….under the weather!  I’ve been in sinus exile, unable to pontificate on pop culture due to an over indulgence in Sudafed.  God knows, nobody wants me to be blogging under the influence.  No one would be safe.  

However, I’m feeling better now.  I dragged myself from my sickbed to shoot the host segments for Radio Free Charleston Episode 33 last Sunday, and that show should go online later today.  You can check out new music from West Virginia’s kings of hardcore, Holden Caulfield, and cool acoustic blues from The Synergy Collective.  Plus we have new animation from me brudder Frank, and missing scenes from Star Wars–long thought to be lost and/or destroyed by George Lucas. 

Starting tomorrow, you’ll see a series of “Eight Things To Look Forward To In 2008.” It’s a preview of the coolest toys, movies, TV Shows, comic books, and whatever else nifty is coming your way in the coming 12 months.  Also, in time for Epiphany, look for the last installment of the PopCult Half-vast gift guide.  It doesn’t get any more half-vast than this!

Monday Morning Art will return on January 7!